Ditch the Plastic for MDF Bottle Fillers

  • Wednesday, 16 September 2015

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Go green & keep you and your dog hydrated with MDF!

Wherever there’s a park, trail, school or sports complex, there’s a thirsty crowd. In order to hydrate, people typically have two options- leave to go buy more bottled water, or fill up at a public drinking source.

As demands increase for fresh drinking water stations in busy public places, Most Dependable Fountains (MDF) has stepped in with an innovative, environmentally-friendly solution to quenching thirst.

Developed in support of the going green movement to reduce the number of plastic bottles in landfills (53 billion gallons of bottled water are consumed annually), MDF developed a line of Bottle Fillers and Bottle Filling Stations that offer great tasting water at your fingertips.

Not only do the bottle fillers reduce plastic bottle waste, but they also save people money since you can tote your own bottle and re-use it each time. MDF’s line of bottle filling stations are ideal in any public space where people appreciate the convenience of rapid water fill to quench their thirst. Take, for instance, Toronto’s Cherry Beach. Active locals were thrilled with the addition of an MDF Bottle Filling Station (seen below) to this popular lakeside beach park.

What about the dogs? 

We haven’t forget about our furry friends. MDF manufactured the very first outdoor pet drinking fountain, and have since developed an exclusive pet fountains lineso your pet can be as refreshed as you are. These pet fountains are available as standalone units, (popular in dog parks) or as an attachment to an existing drinking fountain (shown on the main photo).

The leader in the drinking fountain industry for the past 25 years, MDF has set the standard through its intuitive engineering, solid design and maintenance-friendly products. No need to worry about winter, as the winterization process consists of three easy steps: Shut off water, drain down, and where required, remove water filter. 

Still thirsty for more?

MDF also carries an extensive array of outdoor pedestal drinking fountains in steel, stainless steel, aggregate, historical designs, chilled and sand free. They also offer wall mount drinking fountains as a space-saving alternative. To cool off the rest of you, there’s MDF’s outdoor shower series and outdoor mister.

Landmark by Crozier, a division of Crozier Enterprises specializing in high-quality site furnishings and construction castings, is a proud distributor of all MDF products. If you’re ready for a drinking fountain that meets the highest standards for drinking water at a very competitive price, contact your local Landmark Sales Associate.

About MDF: Most Dependable Fountains, Inc. provides communities with the best possible outdoor drinking fountains and outdoor showers available today. They strive to build sturdy maintenance friendly products and have a sincere and powerful commitment to serving customers at the highest possible level.

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