Landmark Planters

Eternit Molded Concrete Planter 1
Eternit Molded Concrete Planter 2
Eternit Molded Concrete Planter 3
Eternit Molded Concrete Planter 4

Eternit  is a Swiss manufacturer of planters made from fibre cement. These indoor/outdoor furnishings are all designed by award winning European designers. Every piece is hand-crafted by skilled artisans, whose signature you will find inside.

Wausau Tile Planter 1
Wausau Tile Planter 2
Wausau Tile Planter 3
Wausau Tile Planter 4

Wausau Tile is the recognized leading manufacturer of pre-cast concrete and metal site furnishings such as planters, benches, bollards, pavers, recreational equipment, and terrazzo floor tiles.

Thomas Steele Planters 1
Thomas Steele Planters 2
Thomas Steele Planters 3
Thomas Steele Planters 4

Thomas Steele is known for their stylish, distinctively designed families of products. Each family includes benches, tables, trash and ash receptacles, and planters. All products are shaped, welded, assembled, and finished not along an assembly line, but one-by-one by their skilled craftsmen. Equaling beautiful, functional, and long lasting site furnishings.