Bollards: What’s Old Is New Again

  • Monday, 13 July 2015


Neenah Foundry's traditional bollards make a comeback

As communities strive to improve the look of their downtown core through new developments and revitalization projects, many are cycling back to traditional designs for inspiration. 

Traditional bollards have made a huge resurgence across North America in recent years, with bollards reminiscent of the 1800’s being requested in landscape projects. In addition to wanting a cast iron bollard that’s durable and long-lasting, many people are requesting bollards that include traditional-style, with round finial embellishments.

Neenah Foundry’s New Family of Bollards Brochure highlights this “old is new” look of bollards. As seen in the brochure, Neenah offers 71 bollard configurations to choose from, including the popular interchangeable finials.

“People are looking for the decorative bollard styles you would you see in Old English landscapes, like the pawn from a chessboard, but with a sleek, modern twist,” said Brian Bekkers, Manager of Landmark by Crozier. “Neenah bollards give the appearance of yesteryear, with the security of long-term investment since cast-iron lasts forever.”

Neenah’s bollard designs range from simple to decorative, and are fully compatible to suit a client’s individual needs. Besides its impressive look and decorative form, Neenah bollards provide a multitude of functions including security and safety. The lit bollards (commonly used in downtown community parkettes), not only provide ambience, but also safety lighting for pedestrians crossing the park at night.

The bollards come in a wide range of colours to coordinate with the colour scheme of any project, including the standard Jet Black and Green or custom options.

As the exclusive supplier for Neenah Foundry, Landmark by Crozier can attest to the consistent quality, functional performance and design aesthetics of Neenah bollards. They offer multiple installation options to make any job as easy as possible. Whether it’s new or existing concrete, whatever you need to do, we have the expertise to get it done right.

Interested in traditional style bollards in your next landscaping project? Contact us today!

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