A Step Ahead in Pedestrian Safety

  • Wednesday, 30 April 2014

DWP with walker

Neenah Foundry Tactile Walking Surface Indicators provide alerts for secure crossing

The life of a pedestrian trying to navigate through the city can prove challenging at times. On any given day, a simple walk can include jumping over potholes, dodging construction materials and avoiding cars that seem to come out of nowhere. For a person with vision loss, the list of potential hazards is even longer.

Landmark by Crozier, a Canadian supplier for high end site furnishings and construction castings, recognizes this need for increased safety measures. The Landmark team are actively providing Neenah Foundry’s Tactile Walking Surface Indicators (TWSI’s) to municipalities across Ontario to better alert those with visual impairments of upcoming street crossings. These textured TWSI’s, sometimes referred to as Detectable Warning Plates (DWP’s), have been instrumental in notifying people with vision loss of any upcoming dangers prior to stepping out on the street.

Made from cast iron materials that don’t wear, peel or crack, Neenah Foundry’s TWSI’s outperform in durability. The rigid surfaces and raised set of domes adhere to concrete and withstand even the harshest of Canadian weather conditions. It is recommended that the plates be unpainted, to best contrast with a light grey concrete walking surface. Surfacing colours vary from the standard industrial yellow, or can be customized by selecting a light colour on a dark ground surface or a dark colour on a light surface.

Equally impressive is the quick and easy installation process. In just minutes, you can install the low maintenance TWSI’s into prepared concrete in a number of configurations. Select between bolted plates or trouble-free quick connect plates that snap together with ease.

Click the TWSI Logo below to hear what Accessibility Consultant Lesley MacDonald had to say about the need for TWSI’s (or DWP’s). 

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