Cast iron TWSI’s indestructible in winter

  • Wednesday, 04 November 2015

cast iron

Cast iron Tactile Walking Surface Indicators (TWSI's) durable for Canadian winters

Winter is coming. And there’s no avoiding it. It might still be sunny and fairly warm outside but as the last leaves fall, a chill will creep across the ground and soon there will be snow. 

Number one priority when winter hits - keeping the roads safe. This means winter tires and snowplows. As far as pedestrians with vision loss, they rely on the durability of Tactile Walking Surface Indicators(TWSI's) to withstand harsh weather conditions and safely alert them of upcoming street crossings.

While plastic plates have been shown to crack over time from the impact of snowplows, Neenah Foundry’s TWSI’s are made from cast iron materials that don’t wear, peel or crack.

Neenah’s textured TWSI’s, sometimes referred to as Detectable Warning Plates (DWP’s), are instrumental year-round in notifying people with vision loss of any upcoming dangers prior to stepping out on the street. These cast iron plates feature rigid surfaces and raised set of domes to adhere to concrete and withstand the harshest of Canadian weather conditions.

Need more evidence on the benefits of cast iron TWSI’S?

In 2012, the City of Toronto conducted a Pilot Project to determine which four materials of TWSI’s would be recommended as the new City of Toronto standard. Four different TWSI materials were tested along the intersection of Shuter Street and Victoria Street in downtown Toronto. The four materials included plastic/composite polymers, clay brick pavers, concrete pavers and Neenah Foundry’s cast iron plates supplied by Landmark by Crozier.

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